Baatar and Emmy continue on their journey which unveils their inner turmoil and family secrets that deeply impact their friends. Follow them in another chapter of love and grief, shocking news and hope, as they face ever new challenges. Their close connection to horses and spirit whispers open their hearts and lead to insights that bring redemption, union and healing.

Available April 30, 2021

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A moving novel of a Mongolian nomad and an American orphan, and their love of horses that brings them together. Follow the journey of their chance encounter that leads to the healing of their painful past.

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After escaping her human trafficker, Tío, upon arrival in L.A., Honduran-born Soledad Sanchez finds herself without resources in a foreign land, fully aware that Tío and his men are still looking for her. While dreaming of a life in freedom, the fear of being tracked and found haunts her every step of the way.

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Maria Elena grows up in a violent, poverty-stricken barrio in Honduras. Her dream of a better life becomes more realistic when she makes friends with Lolita, who seems to have the right connections. Together, they plan an escape to L.A., but Lolita’s connection is Tío, a drug lord and human trafficker. In spite of her misgivings about Tío, Maria Elena joins Lolita and escapes her futureless life, only to end up in a foreign country — alone, hungry, and scared.

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Mollie Moon’s life has been filled with travels throughout Europe, the U.S. and South America, which has given her exposure to many lifestyles and cultures. The immigrant is usually at the center of her novels, reflecting her own history and experience. She resides in Southern California and Five Wishes is her second novel.

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