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Seaside Daisies


Author: Mollie Moon

After escaping her human trafficker, Tío, upon arrival in L.A., Honduran-born Soledad Sanchez finds herself without resources in a foreign land, fully aware that Tío and his men are still looking for her. While dreaming of a life in freedom, the fear of being tracked and found haunts her every step of the way.

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Maria Elena García escaped her poverty-stricken barrio in Honduras and went to L.A. to start a new life. But her trip was arranged by Tío, a drug lord and human trafficker, who had his own ideas about Maria Elena’s upcoming career. He gave her the new identity of Soledad Sanchez, a woman under his care. Trusting her own intuition and taking advantage of a very lucky moment, Soledad escaped but lives with the constant awareness that Tío and his men are still looking for her.

Mrs. Krause rescues Soledad when she sees her sitting on a bench in the rain, clutching her bag. Mrs. Krause seems compassionate and concerned; but in the car, driving home with Mrs. Krause, Soledad realizes the rescue may be a trap when she learns that the “Professor” is already awaiting them.

During her stay with Mrs. Krause, Soledad gets to know the Professor. There is a strong aversion between the two from the moment they meet. Moreover, Soledad witnesses a man named Frank, who lives across the street, cleaning his gun. Frank shows up in inopportune moments, eager to spend time with Soledad alone.

Soledad reconnects with her boyfriend, Carlos, whom she had thought she would never see again, and when life finally seems to be going in the right direction, Tío reappears with one goal only: to locate Soledad, his lost merchandise, to take her back to Honduras and make her his own.


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