Seaside Daisies


Author: Mollie Moon

After escaping her human trafficker, Tío, upon arrival in L.A., Honduran-born Soledad Sanchez finds herself without resources in a foreign land, fully aware that Tío and his men are still looking for her. While dreaming of a life in freedom, the fear of being tracked and found haunts her every step of the way.

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Maria Elena García escaped her poverty-stricken barrio in Honduras and went to L.A. to start a new life. But her trip was arranged by Tío, a drug lord and human trafficker, who had his own ideas about Maria Elena’s upcoming career. He gave her the new identity of Soledad Sanchez, a woman under his care. Trusting her own intuition and taking advantage of a very lucky moment, Soledad escaped but lives with the constant awareness that Tío and his men are still looking for her.

Mrs. Krause rescues Soledad when she sees her sitting on a bench in the rain, clutching her bag. Mrs. Krause seems compassionate and concerned; but in the car, driving home with Mrs. Krause, Soledad realizes the rescue may be a trap when she learns that the “Professor” is already awaiting them.

During her stay with Mrs. Krause, Soledad gets to know the Professor. There is a strong aversion between the two from the moment they meet. Moreover, Soledad witnesses a man named Frank, who lives across the street, cleaning his gun. Frank shows up in inopportune moments, eager to spend time with Soledad alone.

Soledad reconnects with her boyfriend, Carlos, whom she had thought she would never see again, and when life finally seems to be going in the right direction, Tío reappears with one goal only: to locate Soledad, his lost merchandise, to take her back to Honduras and make her his own.

8 reviews for Seaside Daisies

  1. molliemoon

    Amazon Customer
    5.0 out of 5 stars I definitely recommend it
    Reviewed in the United States on November 12, 2018
    in fact, it is too hard to set aside this book once you open it. I’m so glad that I picked this great novel. Good job Mollie.

  2. molliemoon

    5.0 out of 5 stars Fabulous sequel !!!
    Reviewed in the United States on November 26, 2018
    I anxiously awaited this sequel to the prior suspenseful novel Five Wishes! After the cliffhanger ending in the first novel, this book was truly worth waiting on. I could NOT put it down!! The suspense and compassion with the woven drama and the incredible locations the author painted for us was beyond breathtaking. This is a MUST read and just in time for the holidays! I know you will enjoy this novel as much as I did.

  3. molliemoon

    Kim Orozco
    5.0 out of 5 stars Humanizing Perspective ….
    Reviewed in the United States on January 7, 2019
    I really enjoyed reading this book for a variety of reasons ;
    1, this story provided me a perspective of being an immigrant and wanting to come to United States for a different life that I did not previously have.
    2, it was an easy read. I was able to put it down ,make some holiday cookies & do some gift wrapping and then come right back to it – – although there were times I did not want to put it down I just wanted to stay and read !
    3. it was interesting , it held my attention and was insightful on human generosity and true caring . I greatly enjoyed reading it .

  4. molliemoon

    Annette Sobel
    5.0 out of 5 stars Page Turner! Couldn’t put the book down!!
    Reviewed in the United States on December 14, 2018
    Before an author sits down to write a book, much time is spent conducting research and facts prior to putting words in print. Mollie Moon accomplishes sharing the horrific story of human trafficking in a educational and emotional way which leaves the reader with an understanding of the extensive work involved in solving the crime and freeing the captive. It takes world-wide efforts of many agencies to track the guilty and stop the crime. Mollie’s characters come to life and leaves the reader with an emotional, caring connection with each. Looking forward to following Mollie Moon in her future books.

  5. molliemoon

    Sarah G. Tipton
    4.0 out of 5 stars A great read about a human trafficking victim and the effort to catch the ring leader of the group.
    Reviewed in the United States on November 22, 2018
    Seaside Daises is a delightful book about a human trafficking victim who escapes the traffickers, but is fearful of them finding her. We see her attempt to build a life in Southern California with no legal papers. She is befriended by an older woman who helps her get started again. I enjoyed reading Maria Elena’s adventure and how the author wove the story together with people showing up unexpectedly. I have a greater understanding of the traps of human Traffiking and the difficulties for the police and FBI of breaking the complex webs.

  6. molliemoon

    James J. Wolfe
    4.0 out of 5 stars Entertaining book about serious issues…
    Reviewed in the United States on December 4, 2018
    This book touches on the hard issues of human trafficking and illegal immigrants in a serious but charming way. The author is very good at bringing a balance of need to know information in a light hearted way. No graphic details but as a reader you know what is going on. I enjoyed this book and now am going to read Five Wishes since that is the book that started it all!

  7. molliemoon

    Stephanie Colton
    4.0 out of 5 stars Good completion to the story started in Five WIshes
    Reviewed in the United States on May 21, 2018
    Verified Purchase
    I really enjoyed this book! It’s a good continuation of Maria Elena’s story as an undocumented Honduran immigrant that began in Five Wishes. The plot is good, and I thought the author did a particularly nice job of developing the friend/benefactor relationship with Maria Elena and Mrs. Krause. You could see that each brought something to the relationship that the other needed.

    I could feel Maria Elena’s stress and anxiety as an undocumented immigrant, but the author didn’t allow the story to become so stressful that it was hard to read. I was glad to see Maria Elena’s story wrap up in a satisfying way (no spoilers!).

    Looking forward to the next Mollie Moon book!

  8. molliemoon

    5.0 out of 5 stars Human Everything! (Trafficking, Love, Commonalities, and More)
    Reviewed in the United States on May 19, 2018
    Verified Purchase
    I was so glad to learn a follow-up book was written about the life of Maria Elana. I’ve learned a lot about human trafficking and feel a real relationship with Maria Elena and other characters as well. While there are a couple of slow pages in the book, they do not pale the emotion and excitement I feel about Maria Elena’s plight. I absolutely love Professor Truman and hope this becomes a series as I don’t want this book, Seaside Daisies, to end.

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