Branded By Fate


Author: Mollie Moon

Lou van Helden is at the beginning of his attorney career when the Novemvirat appears. They claim he is a Knight of the First Order and must fulfill a promise he made a long time ago. Lou believes they are mistaken, but they keep showing up – inconvenient, relentless, haunting.

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Life is miraculous.  Despite all of our research and scientific discoveries, mysteries remain that cannot be explained. Or can they?

Do our dreams hold a reality?  Which dreams recapture our day-to-day experiences and which have a deeper meaning?  What if you came to earth with a very specific purpose to fulfill? Wouldn’t you want to know?

Lou van Helden is about to find out. Raised on a farm in northern Holland, his family moved to the United States when he was ten.  He studied hard and became a corporate lawyer specializing in mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, striving to fulfill his American dream of having a big house, a beautiful wife, and lots of money.

Except . . . his dreams tell him otherwise. The mysterious Novemvirat, arriving in his life unexpectedly, has a completely different view of what his achievements should be. They claim he made a promise a long time ago that he must fulfill. They say he is a Knight of the First Order. Lou has no such recollection.

Stirred by demanding dreams and personal stress, Lou’s quest takes him to the interior of the Southern Brazilian forest and the depth of his soul, where he faces his own death as well as the mystical powers of a wishing rock.  His journey leads him on an exploration of life’s mysteries and into the hands of an alluring young woman who is different from any he has ever met before.

Join Lou van Helden is on a mystical journey to discover his fate and the possibilities life offers when we learn to listen.

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10 reviews for Branded By Fate

  1. molliemoon

    A lively book in the vein of “The Celestine Prophecy. One of those books you don’t want to put down until you’re done. D.P. Wall, Texas

  2. molliemoon

    Kept me interested from cover to cover. Free Spirit Crystals, Wisconsin

  3. molliemoon

    I look forward to seeing this journey on film. M. Ross, California

  4. molliemoon

    So heart warming and inspirational – a journey of the mind and soul. D. Egan, California

  5. molliemoon

    A wonderful parable about one man’s journey on the spiritual path. I highly recommend it to people interested in, or on, the spiritual path. Reader Views

  6. molliemoon

    Entertaining, enlightening, and educational – all rolled into one! Edoraye, California

  7. molliemoon

    Thought-provoking read, will expand your horizons! D. Brown, Chicago

  8. molliemoon

    So many things I believe in – if you ever think of publishing the book for Brazil, I will gladly translate it for you. D. Stievano, Brazil

  9. molliemoon

    Jouney of Spiritual Discovery

    Lou van Helden is living his life according to the American dream. He has a good-paying job, a nice home, and he’s searching for a beautiful wife to make it all complete. To his way of thinking, money can buy everything, and he wants as many of the good things as he can afford.

    Then one day, while he’s out taking a jog, he comes to a mysterious house in the woods and meets the Novemvirat, a group who tell him that he’s a Knight of the First Order and he has an important mission in life. Lou is intrigued by their message, and is determined to find out what he needs to do to fulfill that mission.

    His journey takes him to Brazil, where he visits with his Uncle Ray, a Catholic priest, who shares his experiences in living a simple and spiritual life. Then when Lou returns to the United States, he studies meditation with a Buddhist Lama. He also meets a wonderful woman who shares his vision of living a more spiritual life.

    Lou’s journey is not unlike the one many of us take at some point in our lives. We grow tired of material things, and instinctively know there has to be something more – something that really matters.

    As Lou makes his discoveries about what’s important to him, he inspires us to also search for and find that for ourselves. If we look within and learn to connect with our own spirituality, we can also find a path that brings us true joy.

    Alice Berger, Berger Book Reviews, Pennsylvania

  10. molliemoon

    Very Highly Recommended
    Caters to all readers who have inquisitive minds

    By Midwest Book Review, Oregon, WI USA

    Branded by Fate is a story about Lou, the main character, who tries to find inner peace and a purpose in life. His journey into the spiritual world is adventurous and amazing bringing him a slow transformation of his soul as well as the love he is looking for. It is a positive novel that inspires and encourages people to start looking for their own inner peace and purpose in life.

    The story is written in the first person and reads as a personal account. It is direct and vivid, truthful and fast- paced. It is a gripping story that inspires and entertains at the same time. It emits positive thinking and urges readers to discover themselves and work towards their ideals.

    Mollie tries to connect Christian religion to Buddhism by interpreting some Buddhism elements of faith into Christian ones. Thus, this story is a link between different cultures and religious beliefs, though it eventually focuses on Buddhism, which is evident that the author is in favor of.

    The part about negative thinking is quite interesting, as well as the part of the Lama teaching about death issues. The main concern of the author is the planet and the conservation of the eco system. She believes that each person should do something about our planet as the destruction is imminent. The whole story swirls around this issue and it certainly serves its purpose. The story is enlightening, yet entertaining and interesting. It involves vivid imagery, ‘real’ characters and some fantasy aspects such as visions of the spiritual world. The main character sees visions that eventually lead him to find the purpose in life: to fight for the planet.

    The author uses clear language, at times colloquial-an interesting aspect of the book too. Readers learn about Sao Paolo in Brazil and read a lot of geographical facts and cultural aspects of the place. It is also interesting to read the meditation techniques Lou is practicing in order to get inner peace and relax. Undoubtedly the readers will learn a lot from this novel since it has got a lot of aspects found in non fiction books. Branded by Fate caters to all readers who have inquisitive minds and it is worth reading.

    Liana Metal
    Reviewer’s Bookwatch

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