Spirit Whispers

Spirit Whispers, Book Two in the Friendship Trilogy, reveals challenges of love and grief and how a circle of friends copes with demanding situations and surging emotions.

Get Ready!

The new Friendship Trilogy, Book Two, entitled Spirit Whispers, written by Mollie Moon, will be available on Amazon in April 2021.


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Book Review: Five Wishes

I loved reading this book. I couldn’t put it down and OMG what and ending!! I’m DYING for the sequel. I’m not ready for it to be over. The plot zigzagged and I want more! The ending is fantastic, I never saw it coming. What a...

Last Chance!

To increase awareness of human trafficking, I will give away 3 print versions of my novel entitled Five Wishes and 3 print versions of my novel Seaside Daisies. To participate, please follow me here, log on to my website https://molliemoon.com...

Book Review: Seaside Daisies

I really enjoyed reading this book for a variety of reasons; 1, this story provided me a perspective of being an immigrant and wanting to come to United States for a different life that I did not previously have. 2, it was an easy read. I was...

Book Review: Five Wishes

There is a surprising and poignant ending to this insightful and well-written story that puts the focus on human trafficking in such a way for readers to take the issue more seriously – a book that I highly recommend.