Quote #10 from Five Wishes

In the darkness, there was only fear—the fear she breathed in and the fear she breathed out. Quietly it filled the room, and while it could not be seen, it was nonetheless present, squeezing her with an invisible force until her life force was almost depleted entirely, and only a glimmer of her was still present. 

Quote #9 from Five Wishes

Tío wore sunglasses in this dimply lit room, the fashionable teardrop-shaped kind with thin golden frames that look like pilot sunglasses. His black hair was combed back, shining with oil. His lips looked thin, with his tiny moustache on the upper lip, which he thought made him look classy. He didn’t smile or laugh but had a

Quote #8 from Five Wishes

Tío was a man of a certain reputation. His father had been a local fisherman. He had taken out his youngest, Tío, on fishing trips in a small vessel, whose rocking motion made the lad deathly sick.  This earned him teasing and mocking from his father, who called him sissy and paleface and kicked him around like a

Quote #7 from Five Wishes

“We are all connected, Angel. The universe is made of light and darkness. There’s a seemingly dark sky, but it offers millions of bright stars. Without the dark sky, we couldn’t see them. But they are always there, visible to us only at night. Always remember that such a bright, twinkling light is also inside