I’ve always loved quiet and it’s nice not to have to justify staying at home, being quiet, and just enjoying a peaceful evening. It’s the best environment for inspired writing and relaxed reading. Cheers to all introverts and those who’d like to improve in this area! You may like Baatar, one of the heroes in

What Makes You Happy?

When asked what makes you happy, Emmy in The Horseshoe Necklace doesn’t have to think long:  “having a bed to sleep in, being able to take a shower, walking a dog, going to school, having a friend who shares a turkey and swiss sandwich when I’m hungry.” What’s on your list?

A Big Thank You!

I’m encouraged by the thousands of workers who rise to the challenge and redefine what’s possible day after day. Thank you! It makes me want to give my best as well, be it as a writer or a human.

Desire to Inspire

We’re all talented and gifted somehow. Let’s rise to the occasion and be the best we can be each and every day. Let’s surmount obstacles and deliver the impossible! What’s your passion? Your talent? As you know, I love to write, and I will continue with a desire to inspire.