Fan Review of Seaside Daisies

Seaside Diaries is a moving fictionalization of a major public health issue that exploits disadvantaged, vulnerable victims. I believe readers will find that Maria Elena’s story is informative, entertaining, and inspirational.

Cliffhanger Ending

Do you like a cliffhanger ending? If not, then move on the Seaside Daisies for a continuation of Maria Elena’s adventure.

Tough Choices

What would you be willing to do to save a loved one from disaster, injury or death? Have you ever been faced with such a decision? In Seaside Daisies, Maria Elena must chose between letting the man she loves be shot to death by a human trafficker who holds him as bait or sacrificing her

Shy but Smart

Teaser excerpt of Five Wishes: “Tío had been a promising young boy, a little shy but smart. His father’s unkind treatment had pushed him on a different path. To prove his worth, he began to deal with drugs at fifteen, and although he had been on the police’s wanted list for years, he was smart