Seaside Daisies is LIVE!

Would you like to find out what happened to Maria Elena after my novel Five Wishes ended? Then read my new book “Seaside Daisies” which has just been published. Here is a glimpse: After escaping her human trafficker, Tío, upon arrival in L.A., Honduran-born Soledad Sanchez finds herself without resources in a foreign land, fully

Attempted Child Abduction

Sheriff’s deputies responded to reports of an attempted child abduction this afternoon nera Jamul Primary School in San Diego. An 11-year-old girl was approached and forcibly grabbed by an unknown male. The child was able to escape, suffering minor injuries. The suspect has not yet been located.  

Human Trafficking Facts

While you are awaiting my new novel Seaside Daisies, here are a few facts I have found while doing research on human trafficking: In 2017, sex trafficking was the 2nd largest underground industry in San Diego (drugs were first). 85% of trafficking is controlled by gangs. Most pimps and traffickers have psychology degrees and know

In honor of Martin Luther King

Here is a quote from Martin Luther King which I love: Laws cannot make another heart love me, but law can protect me from the heartless. Do our laws reflect this wisdom or are we still far from living it?