Learning Something New

My protagonist, Maria Elena, in Five Wishes has one fervent wish: To learn. Imagine not being allowed to go to school, to remain partially illiterate and without means to make a living. Dire? Considering the consequences of a lifelong struggle, isn’t studying and learning a great privilege?

Who is your Mentor?

Did you ever have a true mentor in your life? Someone who inspired you to get to know yourself? Someone who accepted you just the way you are? I have had few such people in my life and have leaned on my experiences with them to create caring characters in my books: Uncle Ray, Don

Are you Spiritual?

Although I was raised Catholic, I was fortunate to study and experience other religions, including Buddhism when I studied with Lama Khen Rinpoche Lobsang Jamyang, who was ordained by the Dalai Lama. It was eye opening. Branded by Fate incorporates some of that journey and sheds light on the value of spirituality in our modern

Stress Relief

We all experience stresses in our lives caused by many different sources and events. The news, earthquakes, flooding, snow storms, or more personal stresses such as an accident, a sudden illness, a sick child, grieving, a difficult coworker. Or the stress of living in poverty and the only way out is through a human trafficker,