Praying Daily

Praying daily for all who experience the forces of nature during our climate changes around the world. Use resources sparingly and conscientiously. What we do affects others.

Book No. 3

Curious about the third title in my Friendship Trilogy? Book No. 1 is The Horseshoe Necklace; Book No. 2 Spirit Whispers. I’ll tell you a secret. Book No. 3 has something to do with crossing a treacherous river. More soon.

The Friendship Trilogy

My trilogy is making progress. Book No. 3 has grown to over 200 pages. It’s becoming a breath-taking and thrilling plot, if I may say so myself. From gentle beginning in the Horseshoe Necklace, to meeting haunting characters and unforeseen events in Spirit Whispers, the story has taken a turn toward unexpected trials, traumatic experiences,


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