Book Review: Grounded and Trusting

To Emmy, I wish I had been so grounded and wise at such a young age. To Baatar, I aspire to have faith in others by your example. I hope one day we get to read more about the canvas of life you both create through your dreams.

Book Review: A Cultural Experience

For those of us with cultures that take much joy in sharing traditional foods as an expression of our love and gratitude, you’ll get the thrill of those foods in The Horseshoe Necklace.

Book Review: Comfort

The Horseshoe Necklace expresses the value and strength of family ties and true friends nicely; and, affirms the belief that humankind has so many great qualities.

Book Review: Refreshingly Hopeful

This lovely book, The Horseshoe Necklace, felt like a beautifully woven warm blanket on a cool evening. In a world where we far too often lean toward cynicism and distrust, you are taken away into two lives that collide into each other (quite literally) and are given a second chance to build a life through