Enhance Your Life

Southern California sees many tourists in the summer, so when we don’t travel, we get to meet interesting people from around the globe. I recently got to chat with visitors from North Dakota, Arizona, Switzerland and Ghana. While I could share knowledge about local hotspots, I learned about their lives and interests. Be open-minded. Invite

Hello Young Authors!

Talking to 50 aspiring young authors at the Teen Summer Writing Camp this year was fun, especially seeing their enthusiasm during the free book drawing. Good luck to all of you! I look forward to seeing your published work some day and receiving your feedback on my novels.

Create Beauty

Thoughts, emotions and moods hold vibrations that are felt, carried and sent. Instead of dwelling on negative thoughts, envy, jealousy, anger or fear, switch your intent to positive thoughts such as gratitude, forgiveness, compassion, understanding, love and happiness. If you are in a dark mood, close your eyes and imagine yourself being in a happy

Get the Move On

Summertime calls for us to be outside, take walks through the neighborhood, hike a trail in the woods, swim in a lake or pool, surf, walk a beach, build a sand castle, ride a bike, play a team sport. Be adventurous. Do something you’ve always wanted to try. Connect with nature. Go out there and