About Mollie Moon

Mollie Moon was born in a small town in Germany and grew up with fields and a brook in the backyard. Her favorite pastimes were swinging on the swing as high as she could, hiking in the rolling hills, and cross-country skiing with her friends in the snowy winter forests.

When she was a young girl, Mollie had both a stutter and a lisp. Speaking was followed by ridicule, but the written word did not offend. While she retrieved into a quiet, introverted world, her creativity soared. Art and writing were her friends on long, dark winter days. She painted with water color, crayons and colored pencils, and rhymed poems for family birthdays and holidays. As she grew older, personalized stories followed to cheer up relatives and friends.

Family travels began at age three and led to Northern Holland, the home of her grandmother, where Mollie learned to swim in the North Sea. Oceans and dunes and fresh fish were sure signs of holidays and relaxation. Other vacations were spent hiking in the Austrian Alps, exploring Switzerland, Italy and Spain, crisscrossing France, jetting across the Channel to England, and across the Atlantic to South America.

While Mollie’s upbringing sounds picture perfect and charming, family relations were challenging, dysfunctional and traumatic, hidden behind closed doors and sealed lips. Yet Mollie emerged with a bright mind, a sense of adventure, and an education that helped her step out into the world.

Mollie’s father supported her love of the arts but her mother strongly felt that a solid college education and practical career were a must. She highly discouraged Mollie from the allure of a career in graphic design, and Mollie waivered. She instead studied Applied Linguistics at the University of Heidelberg, with the goal of becoming a translator, choosing English as her first foreign language, Spanish as the second, and law as her subject matter. Art was not an option.

During her studies, Mollie held two jobs, one as a part-time literary translator, and one as an editorial assistant to a Professor of Physiology at the University of Heidelberg, who was the Editor-in-Chief of a journal of neuroscience.

Gaining a Fulbright scholarship, Mollie spent a year at San Diego State University in California, with electives in sailing, tennis and badminton. To this day she will tell you that it was the best year of her life, and she fell in love in more than one ways.

After returning to Germany and graduating from the University of Heidelberg, Mollie escaped back to Southern California, the Pacific ocean, wide, sandy beaches and fresh fish. She eventually made Southern California her permanent home.

Mollie’s practical career first led her into corporate transactions in a large law firm, then to being a contracts paralegal in a biomedical company. “Drafting and negotiating contracts almost feels like working on a word puzzle,” she says. “You tweak the sentences and provisions until they are just right.” Although the world of contracts demands a certain amount of creativity, it is highly structured and limited compared to creative writing.

So in her free time, Mollie allows her mind to roam, her imagination to lead, and her thoughts to travel into any realm or dimension imaginable. She greets, examines and interviews her protagonists, as they come into her life, begging for a main role in her books.

Mollie writes her novels by hand from beginning to end. Often meditation ends in writing, sometimes an entire chapter in one evening. At other times, things move slowly, but always her writing is inspired and free-flowing, and comes directly from the heart. There is no agenda, no outline, and no template.

The immigrant is usually at the center of her novels, as it has been such a central theme in her own life.

Mollie invites you to enjoy her books. Look forward to the next one, and be patient with the process. Writing three hundred and more pages by hand takes time, but is worth the effort if the outcome is a novel that intrigues the reader to come back for more.

Mollie can be reached at mollie@molliemoon.com