Take Notes

A storyteller has a gift, a talent that, when trained and exercised, blossoms. Like a musician who composes a symphony, a storyteller starts with a blank piece of paper, listens, and writes down a few notes, a baseline, perhaps based on an experience or an emotion. Then slowly, step by step, the notes turn into

Fall is Here

Fall is a time of wonder. Days gets shorter, nights longer. Temperatures drop. Less sunlight and more cold means less natural energy. People retrieve into their homes, seeking shelter, warmth, protection. This is a natural cycle for greater reflection, meditation, stillness – a time to listen, to gather, to play board games, to cook, to

Writing is an Art

I’m writing a new novel which, to my great delight, is taking shape. Writing to me is an art, like painting a beautiful picture. It starts with an idea, then a sketch, then you fill in the colors, and outlines, the details, until it’s complete. It’s a mystical process, one you can’t rush but must

Horse Races

I visited the Del Mar Horse Races recently and admire the skills of the horses and jockeys alike. My main focus, however, was on the Outriders in their red jackets who quietly spend hours on horseback, alert for any potential dangers – a loose horse, an injured jockey, an unforeseen accident. While they don’t win