Words Travel

A word that rises from one heart will have no choice but to land in another. Sa’adi

Free Author Talk and Book Signing – Dec 7th

I was selected as Author of the Month at the San Diego Central Library. Only 12 authors were selected out of over 200! I’ll be giving a presentation on Saturday,December 7th at 1 pm at the San Diego Central Library. Free book drawing. Free parking. Refreshments served. Open to everybody. Hope to see you there!

Take Notes

A storyteller has a gift, a talent that, when trained and exercised, blossoms. Like a musician who composes a symphony, a storyteller starts with a blank piece of paper, listens, and writes down a few notes, a baseline, perhaps based on an experience or an emotion. Then slowly, step by step, the notes turn into

Fall is Here

Fall is a time of wonder. Days gets shorter, nights longer. Temperatures drop. Less sunlight and more cold means less natural energy. People retrieve into their homes, seeking shelter, warmth, protection. This is a natural cycle for greater reflection, meditation, stillness – a time to listen, to gather, to play board games, to cook, to